Two Nerds, Two Days, One City: Day 2

After a well-earned sleep I raid the complimentary teabags and custard cream biscuits, get up and ready for another day of shenanigans. Camden Town & Market Once we finally realised we had been heading in the wrong direction for at least twenty minutes we stylishly stopped for a smoke and started off in the right […]

Lunchbreak Thoughts: It’s not Smart or Clever Anymore

STOP IT NOW, stop using the word ‘smart’ for FUCKING EVERYTHING.  Seriously I saw a bottle of ‘Smart Water’ a while back. The term smart is reserved for things that are actually clever, innovative and progressive.  A ‘Smart Phone’ deserves the term because it does multiple things and serves multiple purposes.  A bottle of water […]

Lunch Break Thoughts: Lousy Lunches

It’s 9pm you’re at home chilling when you realise you’ve not made lunch for work tomorrow, SHIT.  So hauling ass into the kitchen you grab the pasta because it’s easy, you grab some mushrooms and a small onion, chuck that in too, ok so you’re half way to having a low effort filling reasonably tasty […]

Two Nerds, Two Days, One City: Day 1

That moment you get on the coach (because it’s cheaper) which is empty when an ‘irritation’ of young girls get on all hyped about going to Camden are squealing with excitement, do they do what any normal gaggle of kids do and sit at the back?  Like fuck do they. No they sit right next […]

Birthday Thoughts : 36

Before you get started be warned this is a reference heavy blog, it’s my birthday and I can do what I want… Actually I do that anyway. Feeling old?  What is with people when they say they ‘feel’ old, is it a physical or a mental thing? Creaky knees, dodgy hip and stiff knuckles, I […]